Submission 4

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Mica Mijatovic


The main form of logo


The main form of logo, slightly modified, stressing the [p]retty [g]ood [g]uard. (-; This way, the "fo(u)r" figure made of intertwined words is more prominent. At the same time, the number one ("ace") is formed along the edges of the figure.

Logo-3 Logo-4

Logo-5 Logo-6


Some other forms of letter combinations follow (possibly welcome for some other purposes)...


I have reduced maximally all the graphical elements being led by two main demands: a modern look and with no much details, so the picture is very stylized and symbolic. The level of details though may be corrected, and their number added, if such demand would exist, depending on the "fine tweaking" needed.

In its current ("flat/clean") state, the logo is equally suitable, and in my opinion enough expressive and distinctive, for all the usual purposes: web sites, headings of all sorts of documents, business and other cards, notebooks, badges, T-shirts and so on.

By possibly adding more details, the range of applicability listed above shouldn't be reduced.

Nuances of the colors used are considerately selected to be pleasant for eyes and attractive, but still enough intensive for calling needed attention. (Logos whose colors/shapes after certain amount of time -- eg. office workers and generally people who are watching them often for any reason -- produce feeling of unpleasantness, or any other sort of irritability or subtle disturbance, are not happiest solutions. Often it is exactly the matter of a wrong shape at a wrong place, or a wrong nuance of a color. It makes difference then between a well shocked and well, and long standingly, attracted.)


Specifications of the main form. [Also available at his page.]

     Dimensions: width=250, height=300
     Background: transparent
     Font      : Courier New, bold
     Font size : 36
     Font color: "gn "     #FF9900 | 255 153 0
                 "priv cy" #FF9900 | 255 153 0
                 "guard"   #CC0000 | 204 0   0
      positions: The right edge of the right `foot' of "n" from 
                 "gnu" touches the edge of yellow rectangle at
                 height of y=192. After this one all other 
                 positions are defined.
          color: foreground 1st - yellow #FDEB68 | 253 235 104
                 middle     2nd - red    #FF3300 | 255 51  0
                 background 3rd - blue   #330099 | 51  0   153
     dimensions: foreground 1st - width=30 height=300 x=97 y=0
                 middle     2nd - width=129 height=78 x=32 y=73
                 background 3rd - width=194 height=87 x=56 y=84


       The font
         chosen: Courier, to denote plainness, like in "plain text",
                 simplicity, cleanliness, clarity, a "transparency",
                 like in (fully) open source.

                 Then, its fixed width is convenient for ASCII art, 
                 the art/play of modern age, and for keeping proportions
                 of the created figures, and text, well fixed and clear.

                 Also, it resembles the letters of typewriter, an "old
                 fashioned" element denoting certain "tradition" and 
                 "roots" of the project/primary motive, giving to the 
                 modern needed continuity, vitality and support.
        The dot 
      "privacy": It denotes the source operative system and its hidden
                 ("guarded/protected") files/directories, stressing 
                 thus another essential characteristic of GnuPG.

     Rectangles: They are (various) "shields" and means of defense and
                 protection, given in modern/stylized/symbolic forms 
                 and without unnecessary details. (The yellow rectangle 
                 easily may represent a sword as well, red one a shield 
                 and so on. In the same time they may represent some 
                 more "innocent" forms, if needed.)
                 They are multiple, functioning from various levels, 
                 and are in various dynamic and interactive positions. 
         colors: The basic colors/methods all other ones are derived 
                 from, by mutual combinations.

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