Submission 9

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Daniel Huber


Could be used for a website or tee-shirts but, as the old one, it might be too detailed for small icons.


is the same as the last but I've put in the words GNU Privacy Guard.


This is my favourite for the use as a small icon. It's just a part of the whole logo but it should be recognisable.

Logo-3 Logo-4

These are more detailed thumpnails.

I have created the logo with inkscape vector illustrator, so the logo is available in vectors and pixels.


The key to visualize encryption is, as I think, a key! So I tried to bring one together with Gnu Privacy Guard. The teeth are responsible for the functioning and safety of a key and GnuPG stands for that. I've created it the way I did because it should look like a key to a safe or a locker.

I've chosen these colours because the old logo was yellow and blue as well but I like them more luscious.

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